In Azure Data Factory, continuous integration and delivery means moving Data Factory pipelines from one environment (development, test, production) to another. Azure Data Factory utilizes Azure Resource Manager Templates to store the configuration of the various ADF entities (pipelines, datasets, data flows, and so on).

Below CI/CD lifecycle in an…

Azure App service(in short): Azure PaaS service is the platform that handles infrastructure so developers can focus on the core web apps and services. It provides enterprise grade security and compliance.

The apps including Web Apps, API Apps, Mobile Apps or Function Apps(optional) runs in an App Service plan. It…

Big data in Banking

•Fraud detection: Using machine learning techniques like anomaly detection, recognize fraud real time to prevent and minimize losses.

•Minimize risk and compliance issues: Using big data can enhance model quality and analysis of risk management. …

Types of Big Data Analytics

  • Descriptive: Describes the current state that answers what and when type of questions. Typically uses reports, dashboards, visualizations like charts and graphs.
  • Predictive: An analysis of historical data to predict what might happen. Yields a forecast of a probable outcome.
  • Prescriptive — This type of…


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